Friday, 20 April 2018


Has my heart ever gotten what it truly wanted?
My heart's a cemetery full of lovers' ghosts that haunt it
Their perfect smiles and their memories still taunt it
Twisting through my happiness, leaving it contorted

When everything is coloured through the pallid specter of a ghost
How could you truly ever see what in life you love the most?
How could you enjoy the simple things that life supposedly boasts
When you are living life a lonely cataracted host?

You told me that you loved me and it was hard for me to do the same
To give a feeling so pure such a silly, overused, unoriginal name
I thought that real romantic love meant the same thing to everybody
But love is just a game you played between bouts of melancholy

So I'll see you in my heart sometimes, for I know you'll haunt it too
Making me regret my life through another translucent view
If I had my time again, I'd be there banging on your door
My heart is like a cemetery, but one that you've scraped raw.

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