Saturday, 17 February 2018

What It's Like To Love Me

What is it like to love me? Oh! I wouldn't know,
I've never loved a single thing about myself,
So I couldn't tell you so.

All I know is what it's like to be loved by me:
like a warm summer day without reprieve,
where you're happy just to be in the shade of a tall, billowed tree,
when suddenly, dappled light through chequered leaves,
skitters and dithers, as the slightest breeze,
picks up and makes you pause, at ease,
close your eyes and as if for the first time, you truly breathe.

Then a knave approaches you upon his knees,
All you wanted was diamonds but he's brought you manganese.
All you wanted was chalk and he's jokingly brought you cheese.
You express your feelings earnestly and for it you are teased.
You ask about the birds but he only knows the bees.

You thought you had your breath, but suddenly you wheeze.

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