Wednesday, 17 January 2018


This rich kid told me his life was worthless and I laughed and said "good try", as if I was going to let him convince me that he knew what it meant to want to die - to live his whole life feeling inconsolable since about the age of nine. I laughed, slapped him on the back and said "high five! You almost got me, you almost had me thinking that you knew what it felt like to be deprived. You almost had me thinking you knew how hard life was to survive. You almost had me thinking you wanted to climb the tallest building and take a dive. But I see now, I see your sadness hits you like a drive-by: in and out of you faster than it took it to arrive. I'm not like you, for some of us sadness is the string through which we thread our lives - sadness to us is what it means to be alive. We overflow so much our misery archive would only fit across an external drive. Misery is for the middle aged - come back to me when you're bald, and forty-five.

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