Monday, 23 October 2017

2001: An Instabot Oddysee

How long have I been standing here, stripping away at myself, laying myself bare, waiting for applause but only getting hard, disapproving stares?


  1. Hi Dom, love this piece! Very relatable. I know this feeling and I get it in many phase of my life and in many things that I'm currently doing like my poetry or simply, giving an opinion just to make this world a better place..

    1. yeah :( I think you've just got to keep doing what makes you happy wherever possible (assuming it's not hurting anyone!)... Look at us, we've been writing here for 10+ years, and most of those years have been in total isolation - you're the first person who has come here that we didn't know in real life! We basically gave up on seeking appreciation from other people at some point, but it is nice to put something on instagram and see other's respond to it or interpret it differently. Even if it feels as if a lot of the likes appear to be like-for-like type transactions, or robot applications automatically liking everything.

      It's a shame you feel a struggle for your opinion to be heard though, that's not right nor is it fair :(