Saturday, 29 July 2017


You were purple when you popped out and I thought that you were dead. The back of my mind had been awash with a sucking sense of dread, and then there you were laying motionless, all blue and blotched in red. I looked at your mother and very nearly said - 'for all the tears and sweat and blood that you've just latterly shed, was this all some horrid joke where we leave alone instead?' At least, I guessed, we'd had a crack and we'd soon be home in bed, because we'd been here twenty hours now and we felt like walking dead. But before I got to air my grieving, capitulating sigh, your mother stopped her screaming, clung to you and said "oh! Hello! Hi!" and then you opened up your eyes, moved your head about and cried. You were both so amazing, so strong, and so alive. I felt so alive that I very nearly died.

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