Saturday, 7 January 2017

I Should Have Hidden All My Feelings In The Back Of A Broome Cupboard Instead

Facebook, you fuck. I knew the internet sucked but you truly are the greatest of all cunts. If there's one advantage to getting older it's your brain turning to mush and the promise of any meaningful memories being nothing but a busted flush. So up you have to fucking pop with your constant reminders of... stuff. And by stuff of course I mean Her. I don't want to know where she now lives, do you not appreciate the years I fought with my mind for her to no longer exist? I don't want to see pictures of the second man who put a ring on it, unless it's of his open-casket and her crying over it. It's not a book of faces so much as an endless deluge of shit and regurgitated vomit, and like the stupid dog I am, I keep fucking returning to it.

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