Saturday, 7 January 2017


Glitter glitter,
Cold and bitter,
Sea of grey,
And streetlight flicker.
Ebbing out like lifeless breaths,
Consuming and consumed by stress
There goes one, and then another,
Replicas, as if twin brothers.
Swimming in a sea of suits,
Drowning in waves that sadness sluiced.

I see the glitter on the street,
And watch it shuffled under feet,
Ignored and trampled all it's life,
By lifeless husband and lifeless wife.
Noticed only by their stifled child,
Who still has a flicker of the wild,
Soon to be snuffed by education,
Law and order and arbitration.

And so the cycle begins again,
And if it ends, I know not when.
The winds of change will never blow,
As long as suits maintain their flow.

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