Monday, 15 August 2016

In Ebro

It had been a while since I had sucked from that old teat, laid back, relaxed, and allowed myself the treat. All I wanted from my life was a comfortable seat, and instead all I got was a ball and chain around my feet. Everyday I dragged it along this miserable street, smiling all the while at the puppets and the freaks. I made muted sounds at them but tried to never speak, so they'd never get to know me and I'd never appear weak. This way, at least, I held an air of the mystique, and life is never better when you share it with the meek. So what if I never get to know of what it meant to be unique, and the violence I wished to wage would never be so wreaked. At least I'll never let myself grow up to be antique, for my dependence on the bottle has let my liver leak. Never has my outlook been so completely bleak, it'd even been a while since I'd allowed myself the treat.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sorry, She's Takin

They all did more interesting things than you,
because you never had any fucking clue
what on earth you wanted to do
and to this day that's still fucking true.
I wonder if the lies Disney promised you
are grounds enough to fucking sue? 
Since that goddamn cunt riding his cryosleep canoe
promised you a princess and a good goddamned hairdo
And all you ended up with was an untameable mullet and a gnu?

I saw you once, practicing jujitsu,
it made me think about the battle of Waterloo
and how twice now I have failed you.

Pauline Brexit And Her Seven Deadly Droogs

What an exciting time to be alive, with possibilities so endless and our future so bright, until some old conservative cunt comes along and turns it all to shite because they hate muslims and pakis and they always think they're right.

There's no reasoning with a cunt. They'll shuffle off in just a few years time, well before they feel the brunt, of all the shit choices they've made, and unlike us they'll be too old for conscription to the front. Guns should be used on the old when their minds start failing - when they start nodding in agreement with the fascists, that's when their mind is ailing. Because they once fought them in one of their 'glorious' wars, and yet now sit here a mindless bigoted bore, shouting at the television 'BUILD A WALL!", "KICK THEM OUT THE DOOR!", "SHE LOOKS LIKE A WHORE!" Goodbye grandpa, old age has rotten you to the core. Your addled old mind is a seeping festering sore.

The Meal I Always Hoped For

Eating is awesome, but it brings back memories. A friend I had back in 2005 choked whilst eating. Whenever I see chewing gum on the sidewalk I think of her. Rest in peace Jelly Belly Hen. She died at the end of her final meal actually, right after her last chew.

Friday, 5 August 2016


Why? Why do I keep going? Why do I keep writing this shit in a dark corner of the internet that nobody reads? Well, let me see. perhaps I believe that a burden shared is a burden somewhat relieved. Or maybe that I'll somehow infect some poor passer by with as much misery as me. Or perhaps neither of these. Perhaps I'm just doing this for me. Like a fifteen year old girl romanticizing the ups and downs of boyfriend number three. Waxing lyrically about how hard it is to live and love and hate things so desperately, writing all these things to nobody at all, particularly. I don't know... fucks me! I'd rather be here though, writing creatively, than arguing on facebook like a cunt basically.

Youtubeus Commentus

Breathing is awesome, but it brings back memories. A grandmother I had back in 2005 died while breathing. Whenever I breathe I think about her. RIP Grandma. She died right at the end of breathing actually, right after her last breath.