Tuesday, 23 February 2016

I Only Eat Air

Fuck it all, I said, as we danced slowly toward our death. I've been staggering on zombie-like for years, I'd relish the taste of being blind or deaf. At least that way I'd be excused from seeing or hearing any of your shit, or from hearing the infuriating wheeze as you unjustifiably draw breath. Cut my tongue out too and chisel off my finger tips (my nose can stay, for all it does is drips), that way I won't feel a thing, nor will I ever speak, for even I'm beginning to be nauseated by all the mentions of you my mouth so sickeningly leaks.


She was such a hunny bunny that I'd've wrapped myself around her tummy just to keep her warm and sunny when she had a red and runny cunny.

She was a such a hunny bunny that I'd've hit that ruddy cunny without a hint of a rubber gummy, I just hope she wants me as her hubby, being single is such... such a waste of money.


Their little souls adorn the walls, scraping against them with fingernailed claws, they beg silently using orphic calls, screaming for mothers with their malformed maws, but their mothers are gone, they've left through rear doors, abandoning them to these dimly lit halls.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

I'm One Two

I'm the one who sits there being dumb. Saying nothing whilst you frantically twiddle your front bum. I glanced around for help at first, but I have since succumbed, to the hypnotic circulations as you take your solo strum. I'm on my knees at the side of the stage sucking my own thumb. I wish to god you were my mum. Just take me home and hug me. Until my heart goes numb.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

They Never Shut Up

My mind was once again tracking back and forth against a black and purple sky. Shapes licked out and fired up in spits of tie-dye. I felt like there was nothing between that and this, but all I could think of was the girl who once told me she was turned on by piss.


I had a dream that I went back in time, and every ex-lover was once again mine. They were staring at me looking unexpectedly kind, clad alluringly in silk and organized in a semi-circular line. I stared back at them like a pallid mime, grotesquely squirming and stalling for time. I managed a laugh that was perfectly ill-timed, and I felt that deep down, I had let down mankind.


I must admit I'd nearly forgotten, and I'd started to neglect all that was rotten, but you were still there, my faithful friend, the internet sux forever, until the end.