Monday, 9 November 2015

We're Flourishing In A Neglected Garden Where No One Visits And Leaves Laughing

But what if everyone read us? What if people came into work of a morning and the first thing they said was, "Have you read that latest microstory by Dom?" "Oh my god yes, it's like he wrote that story about me... where on earth does he find those words from?" Could we handle the pressure? Success is great and all that but failure requires so much less effort. And what if we tasted real pleasure? Wouldn't every word from that point forth just feel like an empty gesture? Where would we get our inspiration from? The fucking weather? I wouldn't want to read about how our life is so much better. I know our fans want our words to forever depress Her. Misery doesn't love company, misery doesn't love anything, but we owe it to each other to stay in this mire together.

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