Saturday, 21 November 2015


It was the yearly break-up at school. The final day before a two month stint of sweltering hot days and trying our best to think up new and unusual ways to annoy our parents. It was just like any year for most - they'd be back next year with a new teacher, the classroom just next door to this one, with the same school bells and the same old playground. Not for me though, I was moving on.

The teacher suggested people come up in turns to sign my year book - something for me to remember everyone by. One by one they went to sign it, and eventually it came to the class nerd. I slipped in, whispered to the last person to sign it to not tell Victor the nerd, that it was his turn. We sniggered behind his back "who'd want to remember Victor anyway?"

Later on, when the 3PM bell rung, everyone was desperate to get out - they'd been waiting all year for this very moment. The teacher called out "don't forget to say goodbye to Dominic!"

But only Victor did. The rest had all disappeared.

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