Sunday, 22 November 2015

Victor 2

Victor and I talked a while and I wondered why we hadn't really talked before. Well, I knew why we hadn't talked before, but he had me wondering about my own self and how poorly my exclusion of him reflected on my character. He seemed okay at this moment anyway, and he offered to show me a great place where we could find some really big ants.

I went along with him, to a corner of the playground that kids rarely frequented. A secret place which he no doubt stumbled upon in his efforts to avoid being bullied. Here an ant mound clung to the side of the concrete retaining wall. He took a single blade of grass and stuck it in one of the tiny holes and tickled it around. Soon some long yellow ants were scurrying around, and even sooner we had a plastic bag full of them. We spent a good half hour there catching a bag of these giant ants. His elder brother showed up looking for him. His brother was weird too, the weird kid of his own class no doubt.

"Hey, goodbye, good luck in your new town," his brother said to me. He knew me with no introduction and was awfully polite. "Thanks," I said. I didn't know anything about him to use for small talk. "I'm not really looking forward to it, all my friends are here. This is my home." I let the conversation die off.

He watched what we were doing a while and asked us if we were going to release the ants. We hadn't thought about it, but "no" we answered in unison.

He snatched the bag off Victor and threw it to the ground. He brought his shoe down on the bag repeatedly until there was not a single ant left moving. "There," he said, "it's better they die like this than die slowly where they don't belong."

That was the last I saw of my school, or of either of them, and so I proceeded to die slowly where I didn't belong.

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