Thursday, 5 November 2015

Disney And Death

Fuck every fucking thing in my head. It's been a lifetime of bullshit that I've been forcefed. Fuck the cunt clock calling me out of bed. Fuck the cunt clock for stealing all my lovers and friends. Fuck this forever gnawing sense of dread. To abject misery I am forever fucking wed. I've bled and I've bled and I've bled. And upon these stupid fucking roads I continue to tread with legs made of fucking lead. My patience is hanging by a fucking thread. I won't find comfort in religion - it's not the body of Christ you're breaking, it's just my heart and a piece of fucking bread. I'll find comfort locked away in my shed, dreaming of all the places to where, if we'd kept our promises, together we would have fled - Disneyland, Falmouth, Gravesend, our death bed.


  1. poor mickey, cant even reach the gun

  2. Are you channeling the anger that you could've mustered in 2011?