Saturday, 7 November 2015

Born Free

You forget the earth is beautiful when you're wrapped in your cocoon, eating potnoodle alone in your room, and complaining about life's gloom. You even forget that you're just a tiny dog perched precariously on a rotating ball, doing your best not to fall, and wasting your life worrying about Carrie and Saul. But what you need to forget is the fact you're pointless, and embrace your transition to obsolescence. Forget about when your boyfriend told you that he was going to die, and so you agreed to marriage at the time, and yet mystifyingly he survived. It's time to forget about the four wall cubicle cell, in which you grind your life away inside a living hell, it doesn't matter for shit that the money is swell. Forget it all and fuck off into the night, don't tell your wife, just fly away like a Coca Cola kite.

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