Friday, 27 November 2015

Burro'd Feelings

I caught my sister hanging my birthday present on my wall - it was a poster of one of my favourite musicians. "Thanks!" I said, "this is awesome!"

She smiled, "it was the least I could do for you, after letting me share your room and everything."

I loved that poster. I thought better of myself for having it. It was the first real band poster I'd owned, as opposed to the usual cut outs from the paper or fold outs from magazine pages. Soon she moved on, and all that was left from her sojourn was the memories and that poster. At least amongst all that weirdness she genuinely went out and did something nice for me. She really knew me. I let go the persistent gloom that gripped me after she gave away my SNES to her addict friend. I let go the middle of the night wake ups as she came home drunk. I let go the weird muffled sex sounds.

A few years later we were moving and I took the poster down. As I went to roll it up and place it in a cylinder I noticed some writing on the back.

"To my darling girl,
Thankyou for looking after my stuff whilst I'm away. I know you'll take great care of it.
Love always, Nathan."

The name of her ex.

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