Monday, 28 September 2015

She Wrote Another Letter to Her Corinthians

I slipped down and followed the wandering vacancy inside my mind. I saw some words scroll by and nearly smirked, clicking 'Like' just to be kind. I'd swallowed more than my share of gristle, whilst sitting here, glassy eyed, reading through each and every one of your epistles. You'd made some food, had sex with a random dude, and then danced and sung about it all inside your room - whilst the crap ingested became digested and the sperm swivelled all up and down inside your womb. I'd had enough of your boozing and whoring, it had long since surpassed boring, and yet I'd caught myself poring over nearly every post, bathed in a white-blue light, hovering through your life like a ghost.

So then, whom out of us is the saddest?