Sunday, 2 August 2015

What Cecil Said As He Was Shot Down

Life is short, and hearts will break, and bodies will rot, and bones will bake, and crumble to dust in the burning sun, but I will love you forever my son. Your hand in mine and your smiling cheeks, have lifted me up and torn a hole in me. I get a lump in my throat every time you speak, I'll be waiting for you till the next time we meet.
Remember the time that we ran in the rain? I laughed so hard that you thought me insane. But I was so happy, just to be alive, with your little feet matching my stride. Your face flushing red as you kept by my side, I felt a father's pride warming through my insides.

So, my son, I'm sorry I left, I wanted to watch you grow but instead I've left you bereft.
They say that love is just a feeling, but I find that notion unappealing - love is sometimes right, but always left.


  1. Beautiful. I hope you write me as fitting a tribute when I get killed one day.

  2. I asked Karen Anderson to show it to Cecil. His poignant response was "tl;dr".