Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Infinite Expanse

There was nothing more I hated than the space, between the curve of our noses as we both embraced - that little space between each of our half of a whole face. It held us back from being totally encased, our separate bodies being utterly erased, from bottom to top, from top to wherever our waists would collide and chafe, and from there to where our feet were alternatingly placed. We'd throw our clothes off hurriedly and without grace, hungrily grabbing at each other in a lust fuelled haste, tripping and jarring as we played chase, debasing what was chaste at a cracking pace - and yet, there it was - staring at me plainly in distaste between the interlocking of our lips and face - that space. Flesh is such a horror, such a horrid and abhorrent waste.

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