Monday, 18 May 2015

Heaving Terrible Gasps of Breath into a Rattling Aviary Chest

When I was a shadow, grasping tight against your ankles, you took me places I couldn't stand. Laid back, effortlessly I would glide behind you in your wake. Sometimes we held hands when you dragged your fingers along the bricks as we walked down the sun-bleached city streets. I would listen to your secrets and I would chase your burning feet across the beach as you ran upon the hot sand. Yet my reach was never so much as nearing your thoughts or knowing why you crept, or cried, or carried, or crushed. Nor why you cavorted when you were quite constantly surrounded by all your fears. And still we danced. Chopped and sliced amongst the streaks of light. Cloned amidst the gaze of several spotlights, we all stood together. Heaving in terrible gasps of breath into a rattling aviary chest, awaiting our applause. We suffer solitary no longer.

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