Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ptyalize ribbon round the old oak tree

I thought I liked her. I thought she was the one for me. I'd told my little secret to one of my other female friends, and girls talk, it got around. Out of the blue one afternoon after school, she came up to me and said: "you're a really nice person." I felt awkward and looked away, beaming on the inside. The other girls were egging her on, giggling from the sidelines. One of their father's came over and said loudly: "come on girls, stop teasing him," and hurried them all away. I was left by myself to wonder, under a stained statue of the virgin mary, whether it had all been a joke at my expense or if she wanted to be my girlfriend.

(she didn't)

I talked to her a few years later, a long time after our paths diverged. She confided to me that she'd slept with all her close friends. I felt sick to my stomach.

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