Sunday, 12 April 2015

Orphaned little snippets lanced in the thicket

Wandering through life listless. Ageing faster than you'd like. Not having a chance to stop and think about what you really want, or where you're going, or what you're doing. Just waking up to a burst of occasional reality, feeling bewildered and lost as if you've changed planets, as if you just exited the Matrix. And then just as suddenly you're back in, lost in a messy world of thoughtless uninspiring entertainment. Billboards, concrete, plastic, neon-lights, screens, mirrors, glass. A world where time to ourselves, internal monologue and thoughtfulness is dead. When was the last time you took some time just to think? To gather orphaned little snippets and come up with original thoughts? My focus is bombarded by scatter shots of tiny distraction. Thoughts lost, slipping through the fingers of my mind as soon as they appear, never to be followed.

We're all either filling time or dying.

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