Tuesday, 7 April 2015


He doesn't respect me as a person. He doesn't respect the facts. Facts are meant to be respected. Spinning facts for your own gain is the work of politicians and psychopaths. But he isn't a politician. He doesn't think I add any value. Besides using me to measure his life against. To feel good about himself, looking at me and quantifying his success. He had his name up in lights once... When he put his business card on a lamp shade. He travelled the globe, altruistically giving alms to the poor... When he fled the country amidst bankruptcy and decided to shake down tourists for their last few dollars.

When I was eight years old, I went to church, and the priest read Jesus' words about forgiving your brother: "you must not forgive your brother seven times, you must forgive him seventy times seven." I snuck into my Father's office, borrowed his pocket calculator and did the maths. It really didn't look that big of a number. I wondered how close I was. How soon I could stop.

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  1. "He had his name up in lights once. When he put his business card on a lamp shade." Love it.