Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Deep Down, The Venereal Me.

I pressed the knife against my skin. To open it up and wash away my sin. I put my fingers in, and pulled away and snapped everything within. My life was a fucking pointless waste of time. Running around invisible catching dimes and dying. Fucking ageing and silently raging, alone, no one ever visited me at my home. Once I thought I had a friend named Ben. I went on facebook and added him. The request for three weeks would just say "pending" yet his timeline feed said he'd been befriending just about everyone else. It made me hate myself. I added my aunt and it said the same, I thought at least I'd have that in the bag. I used to brag that she was like my mother, and she had two sons but said I was like another. And yet all I see is pending. I wonder if any of my time was worthwhile spending on this stupid planet for cunts.

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