Wednesday, 22 April 2015

An Outpouring Of Despairity

I know love is a lie. I knew she'd never stay by my side. So to my lover, I never even suggested we go for a drive. Not even to Bodmin. I'm a master in the art of being forgotten, if only it followed that I was also a master in the art of forgetting. I look around Falmouth and see nothing but this modern apathy spreading. And so many reminders of things I'm forever privately regretting. How can people be so callous in the things they are shedding, in the things they are wrecking? Am I too sensitive or is life really this upsetting? Maybe I should go for a drive. Even without her by my side. Maybe I should just drive and drive. Until my feelings are lost in a tunnel of swirling lights. Until the day I die.

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