Saturday, 21 February 2015

Give It a Little Pizzass

"Just push it through the mail slot!" I called. I could tell he was hesitating. "I know the box won't fit, just push them through one slice at a time."

A few horrendously long seconds passed before I heard the noise of a cardboard pizza box opening. The metal flap lifted on my door. Gingerly a slice teetered over the threshold. I was wheezing in starving desperation. Breathing heavily, my man boobs straining against my XXXL shirt. I grabbed at it before it hit the floor, throwing it inside my mouth, swallowing mostly, biting but never chewing.

It wasn't long before he'd pushed them all through the hatch into my hatch. I put the money through: a 20 note for an $18.95 delivery. I told him, between gasps, to keep the change. He'd fed me like a baby suckling at a teat. He'd never know what he meant to me.

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