Saturday, 3 January 2015

Putting your picture back on the shelfie

"...what with all these planes falling out of the sky these days or crashing into buildings and what not. Imagine, say, imagine if our words were written down here, and someone was reading this in ninteen... uhh... two-thousand four-hundred and tickety-two! They'll want an insiders perspective. What it felt like to be alive in our time. What was it like in 1999, watching it tick over to 2000. What did we eat. How many doilies were on the chairs. What was it like on September 11, 2001. What was it like living through the Iraqistan war. All that. And they'll want to know because its all selfies these days. We communicate in selfiephore. All I see are creepers taking photos in front of burning bridges, in front of Sydney sieges, and any place else they shouldn't, Where's the posterity, the first hand accounts? In fact, I should take a selfie right now, in front of my manifesto!"

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