Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Campbell Newman: Another Election Victory against the Labor Scourge

He's got bad teeth. How can he lead anything, let alone the country, if he's got bad teeth? It's a disgrace. It smacks of laziness or instability, or poverty or heaven knows - a lack of a good diet? How can you trust someone to look after anything when they can't look after themselves? Humans are pus-filled sacks of sucking mucousy lips and dribble. All that separate us from worms are teeth. If we don't have teeth we slither and suck against ourselves like gammy gummy grandmothers. Germ-ridden and geriatric. Pulling at the pool fences that surround our prisons, too mush-brained or stupid to lift the latch up and release ourselves.

So here's to you and your lizard features, slicking your tongue across your horrible thin lizard lips; your scaly depilous head. Three more years of empty nothing head bobbing and meaningless cavity rich smiles. Three more years of stupidity and stagnation. Three more years of you pulling out our teeth and grinding us down into the earth, making us worms. 

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