Sunday, 10 April 2011


Within the stillness
The whistle and hum
As the AC waves
And the eyes succumb
Each movement pangs
And causes much pain
As the body stiffens
And the ears do strain
Her breathing flutters
And her heart doth rest
As the aching rises
From amidst her breast
The habiliments
Do creep around
As the legs take foot
And the foot takes ground

Friday, 1 April 2011

Lancelot Indinavir

As one waits
Laboriously long
And the stench of death
Around has sprung
The streets stretch out
And crush and kill
Like veins they spread
Until blood spills
The viridian green
Against it stands
Heartbroken and alone
It chokes in strands
The shadows cast
And drown like whisper
In a silent bustle
Through a tussled whisker

Susurrus swirls twist the sounds
From the ghost-grey sky to the grimalkin ground

It purrs with death
And arcs its back
The rubble shakes
And the tendrils snap
The malignant fog
Clutches and curls
Around their legs
Then sheds in whorls
They breathe it deep
Through sphacelated lungs
And parturate words
With fecund tongues
The world itself
It shudders and sighs
As they exist
Then it must die