Saturday, 24 February 2018

Unloved Children

Nothing sits right inside you, nothing can find its proper place. I have been attempting to corral you for a while but nothing else seems to fill your empty space. Defeatedly I must resign myself to throw away the chase, to push you out into the world where you will cause me such disgrace.

I Just Want The Chance To Win, But No One Wants To Let Me In

It's all too big, and I am nothing. I am barely worth the effort crushing. Yet I am bleeding out, I'm gushing. Through every seam I am unstuffing.
I've got feelings, I am blushing, and every compliment from you I've been off brushing, against the tide of thoughts onrushing, my face is sore from all this bluffing.

I will take your love and keep it in my chest,
Lock it tightly, and do my very best,
To never look, to keep it tightly pressed.
To never speak, to leave it unconfessed.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Inflammable Means Flammable

Are we just wasting time until we are united? Is spending time with these other people nothing but short sighted? Should we not stoke these embers and see our love ignited, not hold back but be excited to make this love requited?

Tin Man

I can see your every feeling etched upon your face. You wear past miseries with an air of quiet grace. Your eyes belie a hurt that I'm not sure I can erase, but I'll give it every effort, I'll try in any case. I just want to see you happy even if you can't forget. I just want your mask to slip and take with it your regret. I want you to see the world through your future, not the past, let go the wrong and see that your potential is still vast. I want to be the armour that you have clad yourself therein, I want to draw a line around you and let no more sadness in. I want to take your hand and show you what it means to be alive, that living isn't misery, in happiness we thrive.


You ever get that feeling that today was great and nothing was mundane, that you just want to go to sleep, get up and do it all over again? No? Oh. Well. Neither do I. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be capable of finding happiness whilst I'm still alive. I'd like to give this entry another couple of lines, but honestly I'm short on hope and shorter still on time.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

She Caught My Vacant Staring And Ripped Me From My Dreams

I wanna pat you on the head and laugh until we both are dead. I wanna take your troubles and kick them to death, eat together, love each other, make sure that you're well fed. I want you to sleep by my side so I can feel your shallow breaths, your little mouth puckered, peacefully it rests. When you are happy what more can I feel but blessed? She asks what I am thinking, "oh, nothing" I protest.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

My Nike Air's May Have Deflated But You Keep My Heart So Full, Would You Knit My Broken Heart A Sling From Your Little Ball Of Wool?

Perhaps in this life you'll never by my wife,
And perhaps I'll learn to pretend that that is fine.
At least in these jumbled blurbs and messy words,
I can be yours and I can pretend that you are mine.

If we could touch would it hurt as much,
As never having known the feeling?
If we were close, would I be so engrossed,
Would it still be so appealing?

To love from afar, is to have a scar,
Is to be made permanently weaker.
To live life unrequited is to be blighted,
There's nothing blacker nor bleaker.