Friday, 19 January 2018

Play On, Euterpe

How do you draw on something so empty? The well is dry where you used to have plenty. Now you try to catch up but you're falling behind, the pressure gnaws on you and it's anxious poison seizes your mind. You've got nothing left, no fuel for the fire, no hardship or toil over which to perspire. You rake over the coals of your past miseries, concerned that you've plundered your last memories. You no longer get any sudden fits of inspiration, just a blank mind with increasingly laboured respiration.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Never A Full Stop With You

When you're staring at an empty page
When there's nothing new left to say
But even so you've got so many feelings you want to convey
Because the longer you keep regurgitating the pain
The longer in your heart they can stay.

The Gift No One Wants From Christmas

Congratulations, you've got a dick
I guess you must have been so proud of that fact
And the depressing averageness of it
That you wanted to send me a pic
Well I'm touched
But thankfully not by it.


As you gather round with your loved ones for your Christmas meal
Try to remember how this all-too-brief moment of happiness feels
Try to concentrate on the here and now
Try not to think about the fact
Everyone round the table
Will one day be buried deep beneath the ground
And that the noise you currently hear so loudly inside you
Won't be making a single sound.

All The Things You Abhor

You're selling pain
But your payment is only in likes
Which will be of no use to you this Christmas when you're trying to feed a table full of little tikes
At least you've saved money
Whereas you used to go out and see the sights
Now you just stay indoors
And go through the hashtags
Of all the things you adore
Until self-loathing catches up with you
And they become all the things you abhor.

My 1TL

Hey, don't feel bad for me. I won't be spending Christmas alone. I'll be spending Christmas with my phone. Whatever time I'm awake there'll always be someone with whom to bitch and moan. And share a not-in-the-least-bit bitter joke. I'll boost my ego by talking to people who wouldn't give me the time of day if they didn't have the protective barrier of a screen and living thousands of miles away. I'll scroll up, I'll scroll down, I'll swipe left, I'll swipe right, I'll invite potentially dangerous strangers round. Only when my battery dies will the gnawing sense of emptiness start to eat me up inside and will I pray for the end to another interminably long and lonely night as I curse my wretched life.

A Complete Joke

You joined Instagram
Met some like-minded folk
Got some likes on your posts
Enough to give you a little hope
That there's some merit to all the words you wrote
Now here's Christmas
And your family
To remind you
Once the alcohol is in full flow
That amongst whom it matters the most
You're still considered nothing but a complete joke.